Join the party

Join the party.

We are very much in Beta, but there is currently a party watching the new livestream event by Beatie Wolfe. You can read about the livestream below.

Cheers Beatie Wolfe Livestream Party

Have fun!


From the livestream credits:

***"Hello my new album, Raw Space, is physically streaming right now out of the world's quietest room (the Bell Labs anechoic chamber) and will be continuing to do so till Friday in Live 360° with the artwork coming to life around you. The wonderful thing is, due to the generative AR, Raw Space is different with every spin. It's been going 144 hours already and the record player still hasn't exploded, only 24 more hrs to go! This is a 'world's first' due to its combination of live 360˚ & generative augmented reality. It is also the longest Live 360° stream!"*** - Beatie Wolfe
More info: http://beatiewolfe.comOwn 'Raw Space':
Raw Space 1. Little Moth 2. The Man Who3. Pure Being 4. Gimme Some Love 5. Oh Darling6. Broken Bird7. As You8. How Can I (needle resets) 

Described as "the Fantasia for the album in the streaming age", you can experience the album in this new, multi-sensory way, with the all artwork, lyrics, visual landscape of the songs coming to life around you as you listen to the record in the world's quietest room. Raw Space will be live for 7 days, from May 5th, as the world's first real-time, 360˚ AR stream. \\ Epilepsy Warning // More below… 

On May 5th at 11am EST, the needle will drop in one of the most silent rooms on Earth. A record will play, streaming live in anechoic sound to anyone who logs in. Words, colours, and fantastic visions will leap from the grooves, as synced visuals create a 360˚ world of imagery to complement each song in full augmented reality.

This is Raw Space, the latest “world’s-first” album experience by British singer-songwriter and digital art-innovator Beatie Wolfe, in collaboration with interactive creative firm Design I/O and the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs.

“For ‘Raw Space,’ I wanted to create the antithesis of our current streaming experience and really celebrate the world of the album — its artwork, arc, narrative, music — in a fully immersive and multi-sensory way, which has the effect of placing the listener at the centre of this dynamic world,” explains Wolfe. “Launching this out of one of the world’s quietest rooms has the effect of immediately instilling a sense of ceremony into this experience, both quieting the ‘noise’ around and allowing the listener to hear the true sound of sound.”

The 'Raw Space' experience will launch May 5, 2017 as a 24-hour, week long, 360˚ real-time streaming experience and as a series of live VIP Augmented Reality performances in the Nokia Bell Labs' anechoic chamber. Its launch builds on 50-years of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) pioneered by Bell Labs together with collaborators such as John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, and now including Beatie in this panoply of artists pushing the boundaries of physical and digital expression.

“We are delighted to be working with the remarkable Beatie Wolfe on her highly disruptive Raw Space album experience, which looks at the intersection of art and tech in a truly inspired way. As Bell Labs celebrates the next 50 years of E.A.T., I couldn't think of a better project or artistic collaborator to champion the next phase of this defining exploration of the human possibilities of technology,” said Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia.

"Raw Space will bring into play a technological first, combining live, 360˚ stereoscopic video and real-time generative AR visuals to create a modern, Fantasia-like live streamed album experience that can be viewed on VR headsets, tablets, and smartphones," notes Theo Watson of award-winning technologists Design I/O, which has worked on interactive experiences at both the Tate and MOMA."